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Welcome to Master Whips!!!


I’m in whipmaking for more than 7 years. It is by far my biggest passion. I plait nylon whips, which due to their high quality, gain the recognition of the best whipcrackers and whipmakers in the world.

All my whips are made from the best quality 650 Paracord. Nylon paracord is known for its high resistance to different weather conditions. You can also use nylon whips on wet grass, sand, hard surfaces... You wouldn't be able to do that with a leather whip! Nylon whips are also usually cheaper than leather ones, but they aren’t in any way worse than leather whips. Nylon whips also don’t require any maintenance. If you’re a beginning whip cracker, nylon whips are the best ones available for you!



All my whips are made to individual order.

You can be sure that your whip will be unique and one of a kind! 



PolskiEnglish (UK)